Plastic device that converts a conventional laryngoscope into a videolaringoscope.

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Summary A Spanish medical research institute offers a license agreement and technical cooperation agreement to a manufacturer of medical equipment interested in the production of a plastic device, which allows the embedding in conventional laryngoscopes of video equipment regularly found in hospitals. The partner would be in charge of the scaling up of the device to start its industrial production and its commercialization.
Description of the offer Laryngoscopy is a medical procedure that is used to obtain a view of the larynx, it is also performed to facilitate tracheal intubation during general anesthesia, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, surgical procedures on the larynx or other parts of the upper tracheobronchial tree. Many healthcare professionals, such as doctors anesthesiologists in surgery rooms, intensive care physicians and emergency physicians perform direct laryngoscopy and tracheal intubations. Official health-care figures show that only in Spain 4.100.000 anesthesia are performed annually, 9 anesthesia out of 100 inhabitants. In average, a Spanish hospital performs 15.000 tracheal intubations per year. The use of videolaryngoscope reduces drastically the risk of failure when performing tracheal intubations. Having a continuous image of the airway during direct laryngoscopy allows the user to position the system in the right place, facilitating thus the visualization of the glottis and eventually the success in tracheal intubation. When comparing the performance of videolaryngoscopes and conventional ones in terms of tracheal intubation effectiveness, the difference between both types of equipment is noticeable, but so it is the difference in terms of price. With the aim of filling this existing gap in the laryngoscope market, the research team of a Spanish medical research institute has developed a plastic device that can easily convert a conventional laryngoscope into a videolaryngoscope. It is a low weight and low volume plastic piece that can be fastened to the distal end of the blade of most laryngoscopes commonly used in hospitals. This piece allows the insertion of medical video equipment easily found in many hospitals nowadays, such as fiberscopes, videoscopic towers or a low cost micro usb connected to mobile devices: smartphone, tablet, laptop, micro-pc, etc. The research team responsible for this innovation is looking for a partner willing to sign a license agreement and a technical cooperation agreement. They look for a partner capable of scaling up the invention to an industrial level. Based on the current stage of development, the device can be produced to cope with several market needs: as a loose plastic piece for fiberscopes, as a device ready to embed a low-cost video system and as a device ready to embed a higher quality video system. The partner sought should be also in charge of obtaining the CE mark, which is required for a legal the commercialization of the device. The hospital also offers technical cooperation agreements when the device requires adaptation to a particular type of laryngoscopes, i.e. pediatric laryngoscopes or other type of laryngocopes having special features. There is a particular market potential for this product in emerging economies or less favored countries in terms of per capita income.
Advantages and Innovations It is an invention that easily and converts a conventional laryngoscope into a videolaryngoscope. The device is made of advanced plastic materials, which provide the product the required elasticity and adaptability properties. The fastening system to the distal end of the blade is nearly perfect. The industrial scalability is not complicated, the production costs are very low, with a large profit margin per unit, and the potential market size is huge. Current videolaryngoscopes have very high prices (from 1500 to 14.000 euros), compared to a conventional laryngoscopes (from 50 to 200 euros), but this innovation enables a conventional laryngoscope to compete in market with a videolaringoscope. The device is designed to be produced at the same time as a single loos piece and as a piece ready to embed several types of video equipment. The product has been devised to make use of endoscopic and video equipment regularly found in any hospital nowadays.
Current Stage of Development The device is at an advanced stage of development. A fully functional prototype is available, which has been validated on mannequins. The pending development for commercialization is to validate its safety and effectiveness through a clinical trial in order to obtain the CE mark. Subsequently, Subsequently, a non-inferiority trial regarding a prestigious videolaryngoscope on market could also be conducted.
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Comments Regarding IPR Status Utility model.
Type of Partnership Required License Agreement
Technical cooperation agreement
Partner's sphere of activity The research team of this medical research institute is looking for a company willing to sign a license agreement and a technical cooperation agreement. This company will be in charge of scaling up the product at industrial level, but should first conduct all the required steps to obtain the CE mark, without which the commercialization of the device is not possible. When technical support is required, for instance, to adapt the device to a particular type of laryngoscopes having special shapes or features, such as pediatric laryngoscopes, the partner sought should be also willing to sign a technical cooperation agreement.
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